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 DALnet has traveled a long road to become one of the Internet's largest Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks, now boasting over 60,000 users. Started in 1994 by a handful of devoted individuals who wished to create an alternative to the overburdened networks of the time, DALnet slowly grew in size and served to advance the technologies used to maintain IRC servers.

The introduction of services in 1995 (and their constant growth since) have been centered around the idea that the users should have the right to govern their online experience, without fear of channel takeover or harassment. DALnet pioneered the idea of NickServ, a service which allows users to "own" their own nicknames and MemoServ, which allows users with registered nicknames to swap messages back and forth. ChanServ gives clients the ability to register their own channels and maintain them using any number of preferred settings.

DALnet has always considered the well being of its users to be of paramount importance. This ideology has led to the development of extensive online and offline help systems over the years for users in need of assistance. From mailing lists to #OperHelp, DALnet's staff works diligently to serve its community of dedicated users.

Many different people have graced the DALnet IRC network throughout the years. While some have moved on for any number of reasons, ranging from the loss of their server to interpersonal problems, many have stayed the course.

DALnet's existence depends solely upon the good will of others. The equipment and bandwidth used to power each server is all donated as a service to the Internet community. All of DALnet's staff, helpers and coders alike, are volunteers who devote themselves selflessly to the good of the network and its users.

The future of DALnet depends upon these volunteers and the userbase, which has always acted to support the DALnet IRC community. We feel many good things lie ahead and we look forward to seeing you online! 


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Dalnet Server list - Last automated update: Monday, 08.14.00 
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EU Servers 
US Servers 

NickServ  DALnet's nick registration service allows users to register a nickname by providing a password, preventing other users from using it. NickServ registration is required for such things as registering channels and sending/receiving memos.

ACC    Determine the access level for a user. 
ACCESS    Add, remove, or view your nickname access list 
DROP    Unregister a nickname 
GHOST    Remove a ghost nickname. 
IDENTIFY    Identify as a nickname owner. 
INFO    Retrieve information for the specified nickname. 
RECOVER    Retrieve your nickname when being used by others. 
REGISTER    Register a nickname with NickServ. 
RELEASE    Release a nickname from NickServ custody. 

   EMAIL    Attach an email address to your nickname. 
   ENFORCE    Modify the ENFORCE setting for your nickname. 
   NOMEMO    Prevent users from sending you memos. 
   NOOP    Prevent users from granting you AOP/SOP status. 
   PASSWD    Modify your nickname password. 
   SHOWEMAIL    Allow/disallow users to see your email address 
   URL    Set a URL for your nickname. 

ChanServ  Chanserv, DALnet's channel registration service, supplies users with a way to secure their channels from takeovers. Founding a channel gives a user the right to add and remove ops and akicks, lock channel modes, etc.

ACCESS    Identify your channel access 
AKICK    Channel AKICK list management. 
AOP    Channel AOP list management. 
DEOP    Utilizing ChanServ to deop user(s). 
DROP    Stop ChanServ management for a channel. 
IDENTIFY    Identify yourself as founder 
INFO    Retrieve information for the specified channel. 
INVITE    Invite yourself into channel
MDEOP    Mass deops channel. 
MKICK    Masskick a channel. 
OP    Utilizing ChanServ to op user(s). 
REGISTER    Channel registration; start ChanServ management for a channel. 
SOP    Channel SOP list management. 
UNBAN    Utilizing ChanServ to unban yourself or user(s) from a channel. 

   DESC    Modify the channel description. 
   FOUNDER    Change founder nickname. 
   IDENT    Toggle the ident option. 
   KEEPTOPIC    Toggle the "sticky topic" option 
   LEAVEOPS    Toggle the leaveops function. 
   MEMO    Limit who can send channel memos. 
   MLOCK    Locks the channel to certain modes. 
   OPGUARD    Toggle the SecuredOps option. 
   PASSWD    Change channel password. 
   PRIVATE    Toggle the PRIVATE option. 
   TOPICLOCK    Control who is allowed to set channel topics. 
   UNSECURE    Lessens the security for your channel. 
   URL    Attaches a URL to the channel. 
   VERBOSE    Allow channel founder to be notified of AOp/SOp actions. 

MemoServ    MemoServ allows users to send memos to other users with registered nicks even when they are offline. Memos can be sent to individual users or to all ops in a specific channel. 

DEL    Marks a memo as deleted. 
FORWARD    Set memo forwarding. 
LIST    View the contents of your memo 
NEWS    View the latest news. 
PURGE    Empty deleted memos from inbox. 
READ    Displaying a memo. 
SEND    Send memo to a user or a channel. 
SENDSOP    Send a message to all SuperOPs of a channel. 
UNDEL    Undo memo from marking as deleted. 

Please use caution when sending your passwords to services. DALnet has developed several methods of identification to prevent "impersonators" from getting your passwords. These include:

/msg nickserv@services.dal.net identify (password)

/msg chanserv@services.dal.net identify (#channel) (password)

/nickserv identify (password)

/chanserv identify (#channel) (password)

/identify (nickname) (password)

/identify (#channel) (password)

Depending on what IRC client you use (some common clients include mIRC, BitchX, ircII, PIRCH, scrollZ), this is going to vary slightly. Some clients will allow you to type /nickserv directly with no problems, others will require you to type /quote nickserv, and finally others require /raw nickserv. Find out which one works on your client.

Always use one of the methods above and make sure you are only replying to "NickServ" or "ChanServ" when asked to supply your password. If you identify to a "fake" service (someone using a nickname similar to the real services nicknames, such as NickSenv or ChenServ), we will not be able to help you.

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Apa itu DCC? Kaedah DCC dan caranya
Apa itu Nuke? Informasi tentang Nuke dan Protection
Server Undernet - Arahan Services Undernet
Server Dalnet - Arahan Services Dalnet/Webnet